Frequently Asked Questions

What is hopdrops?

Hopdrops is a cloud application that allows breweries to track inventory for can/bottle releases and share that information with consumers in a user friendly widget.

What breweries are able to use hopdrops?

Any brewery that uses Square Point of Sale is able to add hopdrops to their merchant account.

Are there plans to support other Point of Sale systems?

Yes! Our team initially developed an application for Square due to popularity of the Square ecosystem and the robust API and documentation.

What platforms is hopdrops available on?

Hopdrops should work correctly on most desktop and mobile web browsers.

Is there a mobile app available?

The short answer is….not yet. A rich mobile application is currently under development. Stay tuned for more details!

What features will the mobile app support?

We want leave some room for imagination, but expect features like customizable feeds, subscriptions, threshold/alert settings, and much more.

What information does hopdrops collect? Is my data safe?

New breweries will find a permissions page that outlines the access required by hopdrops to read and display inventory accurately. Hopdrops does not store personal information and all inventory queries are secured via TLS.

Does hopdrops track keg inventory or can it be integrated with other industries?

Hopdrops currently is for can and bottle release inventory tracking only. Our technologies can theoretically be leveraged for all inventory, regardless of category/industry, but that is currently not on our roadmap.

I am a brewery and I just installed the Square hopdrops application. What do I do now?

Connecting hopdrops to your Square merchant account brought you to a landing page with the appropriate widget code for your website. If you need it again, just visit Any beer you wish to be included in tracking should be assigned to the ‘hopdrops’ category. That’s it. We’ll take care of the rest.

How can I share my ideas and feedback with hopdrops?

We love hearing from you! Please send us an email at